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Brain’s ‘sweet spot’ for love found in neurological patient

A region deep inside the brain controls how quickly people make decisions about love, according to new research. The finding, made in an examination of a 48-year-old man who suffered a stroke, provides the first causal clinical evidence that an area of the brain called the anterior insula “plays an instrumental role in love,” said neuroscientist Stephanie Cacioppo, lead author of the study.

Free Online Dating Site For Finding Your Soulmate

Nowadays, online dating is gaining more and more popularity among men and women, not only youngsters, but middle aged people are also showing interest towards finding their soulmate via these portals. However, the individual should be careful about the selection of the right site for this purpose. This is because they will have their own preferences and the portal should be in a position to cater to the requirements of their users by helping them in finding their right sugar daddies and sugar babies. Generally, most of these sites have an online chatting facility and also they should have expertise in providing the right kind of round the clock online support to their users.

Even though, most of these portals provide free of charge service, it is essential that every individual looking for their right partner should register themselves so that they can find their lovable man or woman and also the other person looking for such a partner can find them. Generally, the best portals falling under this category provide useful dating tips and advices to their users and when you are looking for such a site, do not forget to check whether the site you are selecting provides this sort of service.

Also, do not forget to check whether the site has a reliable privacy policy page. Also, some of these sites have certified members and so it will be useful when you can find such a portal. Check whether the site has sugar daddies and sugar babies from different parts of your country. For instance, if you are in Australia, the site should have the images of many men and women in such a way that if you get love at first sight, you can first develop your friendship with him/her.

Some of these portals have hundreds of singles in such a way that people, who are feeling lonely can develop friendship with any male or female of their interest. Also, some of them are assuring that thousands of members are registering themselves with them everyday and when you can find such a portal, you can find your future soulmate. When an experienced portal, who have been in this field for several years is selected, the best partner can be found easily. Initially, creating a profile is essential in these portals and when you can create an attractive profile, there are chances that your intended person can also get in touch with you.

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Pointing is infants’ first communicative gesture

Baby pointing (stock photo).

Credit: © Gelpi / Fotolia

Catalan researchers have studied the acquisition and development of language in babies on the basis of the temporary coordination of gestures and speech. The results are the first in showing how and when they acquire the pattern of coordination between the two elements which allows them to communicate very early on.

A new study carried out by two researchers from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona analyses the temporary coordination between gestures and speech in babies during the very early stages of language development, from the babbling period until the production of their first words.

The results, published in the journal Speech Communication, are the first to show how and when babies acquire the coordination between gesture and speech.

“There are now more and more investigations that show that the study of language and human communication can not be carried out only with an analysis of speech,” Núria Esteve Gibert, one of the authors, explained to SINC.

In fact, in communicative interactions meanings and emotions are transmitted through speech and non-verbal elements (hand gestures, facial expressions or body position).

“Our analysis indicates that it is during the transition between the babbling period and first words (that is to say, before the infant is capable of producing two joined words, one after the other), that the gestural system and system of speech are already closely linked,” affirmed Esteve Gibert.

According to the authors, this study demonstrates the vision that speech and body language are two elements required for studying human communication, as there are more and more indications that both modes are developed at the same time and that they are closely coordinated, both semantically and temporarily.

The aim of this pioneering work was to investigate the process of acquisition and development of language in relation to the temporary coordination of gestures and speech.

In order to do so, the researchers filmed four babies, born into Catalan-speaking families, while they played with their parents at home, from when the children were aged 11 to when they reached 19 months old.

“These recordings were used to investigate when children started to combine gesture and speech in the same way as adults and if when they combine the two modes, the patterns of temporary coordination between gesture and speech are appropriate,” Gibert continued.

In total, more than 4,500 communicative acts produced by the babies across the analysed months, through 24 hours of recordings, were obtained, which have been studied from the point of view of the gestures and of the acoustic properties of the vocalisations produced by the children.

“Special importance has been given to the analysis of the temporary coordination between speech and the act of pointing, because this gesture is crucial in the linguistic and cognitive development of language since it represents the first communicative gesture that babies are capable of understanding and producing,” the expert pointed out.

Moreover, it is noted that the correct development of the coordination is closely linked with the future linguistic abilities of the child at a more advanced stage.

Combination of gesture and speech

During the babbling stage babies still produce many gestures without combining them with vocalisations. However, from the beginning of the period in which they start to produce their first words (four words during half an hour of recording), babies produce the majority of hand gestures in combination with vocalisations, the same as adults.

Furthermore, on analysing the combinations of gesture and vocalisation that the babies produce at this early age we see that most of the gestures that they combine with vocalisations are deictic gestures (pointing and reaching) with a declarative communicative intention (to inform) more than a commanding intention (to achieve that object).

“Already in the first combinations of gesture with vocalisation, the pattern of temporary coordination of both modes (which consists in synchronising the interval of time more prominent in the deictic gesture with the interval of time more prominent in the vocalisation) is very similar to that of adults,” concluded Esteve Gibert.

Journal Reference:

  1. Núria Esteve-Gibert, Pilar Prieto. Infants temporally coordinate gesture-speech combinations before they produce their first words. Speech Communication, 2014; 57: 301 DOI: 10.1016/j.specom.2013.06.006

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2014: Relationship Breakthrough or Breakdown?

A New Year beckons with all its joyful possibilities for your relationship, but I am only too aware that many of you may be entering the New Year with a heavy heart and divorce on your mind. It is a well known fact that there are more applications for divorce in January than any other time of the year. Why is that?

Well, many of you whose marriage or relationship has been strained, especially those with children, decide that you will keep the family together for Christmas, and there may be a faint hope that somehow magically the situation will get better. Most will have tried everything you know to make a go of the relationship, but of course the kind of stress inherent in the holiday usually puts the final nail in the coffin, and you decide you neither want nor will have another year of it.

Some of you may be in an abusive relationship, or be with someone who has an alcohol problem, and you have just about had enough of yours and the children’s Christmases (and your life) being ruined by a drunken partner, with all the attendant financial stress and uncertainty. It may indeed be the right thing to pull the plug before any more damage is done.

Many others are in the hiatus of the fallout from a workplace affair, although this is usually a sign that the relationship may already have been in trouble. Often people have what is known as an exit affair. That is, an infidelity which in itself is not meaningful, but it creates enough of an uproar to wind the marriage up.

The Good News

For some it may just be that the relationship between you has become so boring, for so long; the spark has gone and you may have finished up like brother and sister. This can feel like “too good to leave, but too bad to stay”, and you ask yourself, “is this it?” Let’s face it, many folk never should have married each other in the first place, not because there was or is anything wrong with either of you. Dare I say it, you may have been too young or immature to make that kind of life time choice. However… the good news is, that ALL relationships have an ebb and a flow; a time when you feel close, and then more distant, then close again. This happens to most couples after a number of years creating a home, having and raising children, building a career. This phase of a relationship is very time and attention intense. It is also very growth producing!

The Problem

There are three aspects to the problem. Two are quite normal and are to be expected, the third is the one that creates the problem. Firstly, while all this busyness is going on, (creating home etc.), many couples become disconnected from each other without realising it. It just happens. Secondly, is that all relationships go through phases and stages of development, like plants, so the relationship needs to be metaphorically, repotted; it is ready for a whole new phase of growth! The third, and most damaging aspect is that, because they are not aware of what has happened, and that it is normal, when they feel the emptiness that starts to creep into their relationship, they unfortunately start to blame, criticise and find fault with each other. Now they create problems, by looking in all the wrong places for the cause of their unhappiness.

The Solution

There are three aspects to the solution! Firstly, STOP all the blaming, fault finding and generally focusing on the “problem”. Secondly, get back into alignment with each other and become allies in creating the conditions for your marriage or partnership to grow. Thirdly, Reconnect. Remember when you first got together how you would spend a lot of time in front of the fire, being affectionate and touching, relaxed and talking about your hopes and dreams for the future. George Pransky tells a story about the couple who were like that, all warm, cosy and connected, and then when the temperature drops a little, one of them goes off to check if any of the windows is open because there might be a draught coming from somewhere. Before they knew where they were there was a draught proofing mission going on and the spell is broken. All that was needed was for one of them to throw a few more logs on the fire. So, drop all the endless discussion about who is to blame, and agree to try a different approach.

Getting Into Alignment

Think of your marriage as an entity in its own right, and consider if your attitude is helpful. It is struggling to move into a new, deeper, richer stage, even if it looks anything but! Albert Einstein said that the same kind of thinking that got you into a situation won’t get you out of it. Carve out some time together to relax (by the fire). Soften your tone of voice, put on kindness and caring for each other. Decide that you are going to listen to your partner with your heart. Have some compassion for the couple that you are, trying to navigate the storms that visit all couples. You are on the same side! Agree that you are not going to refer to the “problem”. Park it for now. Get in touch with the longings of your heart, your hopes and dreams for the year ahead (notice I didn’t say fears). If you both agree to be open and honest in a kind and caring way, then you can both allow yourselves to be vulnerable again instead of defensive. Start to flesh out a new vision for the next stage of your individual lives and your life as a couple. Take a collaborative approach about how you can support each other to overcome the obstacles and to take your lives and love to a whole new level. Yes, it feels a bit risky, but any kind of growth involves moving out of your comfort zone… and that feels uncomfortable. Happy New Year!

Much Love to you all,


Wishing to be another gender: Links to ADHD, autism spectrum disorders

Children and teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder or those who have attention deficit and hyperactivity problems are much more likely to wish to be another gender. This is the conclusion of the first study to compare the occurrence of such gender identity issues among children and adolescents with and without specific neurodevelopmental disorders. Participant children were between 6 and 18 years old. They either had no neurodevelopmental disorder, or they were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a medical neurodevelopmental disorder such as epilepsy, or neurofibromatosis.

Built to Last – The Walls of Your Home

A marriage is a precious thing. It can be the best relationship a person will have on this earth with another person. And when it is bad, hell is a better alternative.

Many people think that the best relationship they will have is with their children. I have plenty of my own children and I love them dearly. But the relationship I have with my wife is much different. I see her as a life partner. I know that my children will one day leave, find their own love, live their own life and I will not be the center of what they do. They will move to different states, pursue their careers and me, well I had better have my own life or I will be a lonely man indeed!

When we compare our marriage to the building of a house we have to consider the walls. What do the walls represent in a home? They allow us to have rooms, they keep the unwanted visitors out and they set boundaries. A marriage must have the same parameters. Consider the following;

1) A good marriage has room – married people are people first and all people need room. You can be madly in love with someone but you still need a life outside of your loved one. You need friends, interests that are your own and a way to do what you want to do when no one else is around. This provides balance to every individual.

2) A good marriage keeps out unwanted visitors – there must be some private places in your marriage. Even your best friend should not know the intimate details a husband and wife share with each other. When this wall is erected in a marriage you can see your spouse across a crowded room and when you make eye contact, you both smile. Secrets in your marriage add spice to your everyday life.

3) A good marriage sets boundaries – above all married people must protect their time with one another. We all need to work but if work interferes with your time together, it can cost you your marriage. Whether it is being with our children, hanging out with friends or pursuing other interests, you must have boundaries. Don’t allow anything or anyone to interfere with the time you must invest in each other in order to be happy for a lifetime.

Walls are not bad. Erect some in your marriage.

Get The Girl Code-The Most Effective Guide That Provides Positive Results

Men are supposed to be brave and courageous. They are when it comes to heroic deeds. But there are thousands of men all over the world who become shy and tongue tied when they approach women. This is not about physical aspect or emotional aspect. It is all about mental aspect. When the question is women, most men feel that they are not going to have success. So, they cannot approach them or ask them out for a date. In fact, they cannot make the proper conversation.

This problem is faced by not only men in few places as mentioned above. This happens to thousands of men everywhere. Till recently, there was not much that men could do to get out of this problem. But it is different situation now. This is due to the fact that there is indeed a solution to this problem. And the good news is that men are not required to spend huge amount of cash. They only need to be sincere in their efforts and success will be theirs.

This new and effective solution is a set of rules and tips compiled by someone who has done research for many years on this topic. The guide is called Get The Girl Code. The rules and tips present in the guide has been compiled after going through different psychological aspects by the author. The guide has not been out for long but several men are known to have found success.

As a result, Get The Girl Code is much in demand. Men in need of help can obtain this guide and start the curse right away. It is certainly not difficult to follow the tips provided in the guide. The only thing is that men need to have determination and sincerity. They should go through the tips and rules and follow them exactly as instructed in the guide.

This effective and brand-new solution is a set of regulations and tips collected by someone that has actually studied for several years on this topic. The overview is called get the girl code Michael Fiore. The rules and tips present in the quick guide has been assembled after experiencing different mental components by the writer. The quick guide has not been out for long yet a number of men are known to have actually discovered success.

Users are guaranteed that they will get the girl once they start following the program. Of course, it will not happen at once. There numerous tips so, users can follow one step at a time. It is then a sure thing that success will be seen by them after a while.

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How to Get Him Back – 3 Ways to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Come Back (Charles Bill)

So you still love your ex boyfriend and now you’re trying to determine how to get him back? It should be simple, right? You should be able to just call the man up, tell him that you love him and can’t be without him and all will be forgiven. Unfortunately, it never quite works out that way.

Proven Steps to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Once And For All (Charles Bill)

If you’re pining for a man you’re no longer with, you’re obviously in desperate need of a plan to get him back. Chances are very good that since the break up everyone has been telling you that you’re better off without him, right? They’re wrong.