We Go to Durban Dating Agencieswhenwe Are Looking for That Genuine Match

There are numerous ways to meet potential dates, including blind dates, classified ads, dating websites, hobbies, holidays, office romance, social networking, speed dating, and others. Matchmaking is all about spreading love. There are some professional dating agencies in Ireland which links genuine people who are looking for their soul mate to other genuine people. They link everything from habits, hobbies education, interests, age, background etc. whatever is important to all; they link the whole lot. It’s about tuning frequencies of two people. Looks, which is the important attribute for all is also kept in mind. Looks matter from the start but it will not be the thing that holds you together. The requirements are two individuals’ needs to be matched, or else there will be no chemistry among the two. The chemistry is vital in a relationship. Datingin Durbanis a part of human mating process whereby two people meet socially for companionship, beyond the level of friendship, or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or marriage. It can be a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by the couple.
While the term has several meanings, it usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple.TheMatchMaker.ie ismatchmaking for five years now they succeed in matching you with that person that ticks all your boxes. They have sixty per cent success in matching people. Sharon Kenny, the matchmaker meets you and if shedoesn’t have that person on her books, she would find them. Clients can contact her at 0860711711 and say goodbye to single life. Clients mainly range from the age of 25-65. Most importantly it costs only €400 for three perfect matches.Research suggests that matchmaking may bring more happiness to the matchmaker than the matched couple. Matchmaking tends to be most fulfilling to the matchmaker when it unites two compatible individuals who otherwise would not likely meet. People participate in matchmaking for many reasons. All professional agencies meet you. Unlike other… it bases their relationship on trust and do not take a deposit before the meeting. Because they feel if they do not have anyone who will suit you, at this time, they do not deserve being paid for their meeting, although they do give valuable advice. They agree to three dates in three/ six or twelve months, as every case is different and it is totally up to you.Helping you meet your perfect match is their aim. According to researcher Lalin Anik, “Matchmakers may be proud that they have the social acumen to recognize a social link that others hadn’t. People enjoy being the key person who made that critical match between newlyweds or between business partners who started a successful venture.” Reason people love matchmaking is because they view it as an act of kindness to others.

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Five Steps to Romance

With so many self-improvement books out there I am amazed at just how inept people are at the dating game. Being straight, I only speak for the heterosexual population of course. On current evidence, we heterosexuals are really, really bad at opening up and sharing. At any rate, we European heterosexuals are no good when it comes to sharing emotions. Of late, I’ve simplified my life no end. In the last few years I stumbled upon a five step process to dating so simple and obvious it’s a wonder more people haven’t tripped over it. I write from the male perspective but this is equally applicable to women. One prerequisite before starting is to leave your fear and ego at home.


  1. Find out a little bit about the person you’re interested in. If you have absolutely no shared interests, leave fear and ego out of the equation and proceed no further. If on the other hand you have at least some shared interests, proceed to step two.

  2. Get over your shyness and look for opportunities to engage her in conversation. If she bores you to tears or everything she says makes your blood boil, leave fear and ego out of the equation and proceed no further. If you enjoy talking to her at least some of the time, proceed to step three.

  3. Invite her out for some social activity. If you make the setting of this tentative date too neutral you’re sending out the wrong signal and making more work for yourself further down the line. This is no time to accommodate fear of rejection. If she tells you her diary is completely full, leave fear and ego out of the equation and accept her explanations graciously. Smile knowingly and let her know she can call you when (not if) her plans change. She may well call, but your job is done so proceed no further. If she immediately agrees to a date, proceed to step four.

  4. Talk during the date but more importantly, listen. Listen to her. Listen to her. Listen to her. Listen not just to what she says but how she says it. Listen to her body language, her opinions. Don’t agree with everything she says just to be agreeable. Observing how she deals with perceived criticism and disagreement is part of the listening process. If you start hearing alarm bells, leave fear and ego out of the equation and proceed no further. However physically attractive she is, remember, there are plenty more fish in the sea. If you end the evening with a sense of wanting to see her again, proceed to step five.

  5. To make an omelette, at some point you have to break eggs. In order to date, you have to date, so date her, date her and date her again. Finally remember that nobody, least of all you, is perfect. Leave fear and ego at home when appraising how well you match as a couple.

Now provided you heeded the initial advice to leave fear and ego at home you should have boosted your odds of ending up in a meaningful relationship. Unfortunately many will date women who are wrong for them and who they are wrong for from fear of scarcity. And yet the world is full of charming, beautiful, intelligent women. There are also ego-drunk men who won’t take no for an answer for fear of dented pride. Once you get accustomed to leaving fear and ego out of the equation, even if a woman you approach with the utmost care and consideration tells you to drop dead, you will breathe and let it pass. A mature appraisal of the situation should tell you that when you continue to pursue a woman who brazenly disrespects you as a fellow human you are sending out a signal that it’s okay for her to behave that way. Rather you ought to politely explain that to your knowledge, showing interest in a woman is not listed as a crime in the penal code. Explain that when uninterested in a man, the courteous thing for her to do is tell him so politely in the first instance and only become rude if the unwanted attention continues. Then with a smile, depart.

If in spite of her rudeness, through your persistence the two of you end up together, all I can do is to offer you my condolences for the addictive, co-dependent relationship you’ve constructed for yourself. The way you start a relationship sets the tone for the duration of that relationship therefore the shortcuts you take at the inception will come back to haunt you. Better to put in the hard work at the beginning and start as you mean to go on.

Remember, show some gumption and a woman who initially dismissed you might well become your greatest fan. So long as she isn’t one of those women in search of the brittle stereotype of the tough guy, your prayers might well have been answered. If however she turns out to be the girl from the movie Grease who is looking for the all-form-and-no-content, leather-clad biker, leave fear and ego at home and proceed no further.

Mogbolahan Koya-Oyagbola is the author of the short story, “Seafood Pasta” which appears in the anthology – Weaverbird Collection: New Fiction from Nigeria 2008.

His book which is now available on amazon.com, “Some White English Women I’ve Almost Known” deals with the pitfalls of dating.

reconciling an old relationship (Kevin Evens)

Jun 18, 2014

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There are several things you need to consider before you attempt to reconcile with a former partner. You must consider whether or not you will be truly happy in the relationship. Itis also your job to think about the reactions of others around you. You must verify that your emotional state is not the main reason behind the reconciliation. If you allow your emotions to influence the decisions regarding getting back together you will eventually regret your decision.

It is important for you to remember that you are your own best investment. You existed prior to the relationship, and therefore is the relationship is not reconciled you will still be able to exist and have a happy and healthy life. The societal misconception that happiness comes through having a partner can cause major emotional damage. If you constantly are comparing your relationship success with that of others, you may find that you engage in behavior which you normally wouldn’t.

Identifying the things that you can do when you’re a single that you enjoy is essential to your recovery process. If you honestly believe that you can find happiness without a person from your test you need to identify the reasons the you would feel compelled to reconnect with them. Many parents for example, feel that it is better to reconcile with the former partner so that their children have a unified living situation. The problem with this is the children and to know if something is genuine or not.

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A genuinely connection requires both people to be willing to admit the mistakes that caused a separation in the relationship. If the partner does not have the proper emotional tools to admit that there have been problems in the relationship in the past from reconciliation is not recommended. Both parties must be willing to work on the challenges in a relationship and create positive progressive solutions for change.

The solutions must also be something that both parties are the only involved in the creation positive solutions. If one person is dominant during the conversation, eventually they will be problems with the implementation of the solution. A commitment to compromise is essential for any fundamental change to take place in the relationship. Both parties must also understand the reasons they are willing to make the changes.

What Makes a Relationship Work?

The following is what I think makes a relationship work. I was with the same partner for over forty-five years. This information is merely touching the surface and is based on what worked for me and others that I spoke with who also where in long-term relationships that lasted thirty years or longer.

No one ever said it would be easy to make a relationship work. It takes two people and it is a full-time job. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A relationship cannot be one- sided. Right out the gate trust is a key factor in any relationship, without it there is no relationship. You both have to be 100% committed and be willing to make sacrifices and compromises. Never be afraid to tell your partner how you feel. If something is bothering you talk it out, you may not like the out come but that is where compromise can come into the picture.

When making decisions to do something always take into consideration how it will affect your partner and relationship. You need to remember when in a relationship that it is not always just about you. Your actions can affect your partner just as much as they affect you.

Communication! Communication! Communication, always keep it open and going never let it die! Communication skills to not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work on both partners end and it continues throughout your entire relationship.

Never ever lie, it is better to tell the truth and take what happens and work it out because nine out of ten times if you do lie it will come back and bite you in the ass and your trust goes right out the window. Remember without trust there really is no relationship.

Never act like you are better than your partner, you may be better educated or be better off financially but do not ever flaunt it. You need to remember you are a couple not just two individuals. Have respect for one another and always respect each others privacy. Never plaster your disagreements or spats on social media. Do not post photo’s that are embarrassing. Once it is out there, it is out there forever and you can not take it back.

When you get into a fight and you will (don’t believe someone when they tell you that they never fight everyone does one time or another) do not go running to family members and tell them all the details. The reason I am telling you this is because you will makeup and everything will be fine, however, your family members will remember every word you said about your partner and every time they see your partner they are going to remember what you said. So keep your family members out of the personal parts of your relationship. Over time if you continue running to family members their attitude towards your partner is going to change. If they had a good relationship they no longer will.

One Major thing to remember is in order for your relationship to thrive you have to constantly keep working on it. You need to keep it fresh and exciting.

the importance of integrity in relationships (Kevin Evens)

Jun 14, 2014

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the importance of integrity in relationships

Life is a journey. Along the way you will find that you have decisions to make about how you are now allowing people to treat you. If you are committed to making the most of your life, honesty with everyone in your inner circle will be necessary. If you do not feel you can be honest with the person in your life, chances are you have outgrown the usefulness of that relationship. Sooner or later your dishonesty will cause you to question the motives of people in your life. Sometimes, this time of self reflection send the two great amounts of personal empowerment.

It is important to remember that leaf is a work in progress. When you work torture goals you will make progress. Without a willingness to work however, making progress becomes almost impossible. You must find within yourself the balance of reacting based on your emotions, and choose to engage in the process of reacting the east on your logic as well as emotional stimulation. When you can find the logic between your emotions and your mind, you will have found the balance necessary to be successful. Choosing your own success is the best investment that you can make in your future.

If you are afraid of dealing with your emotions regarding a person’s reaction, chances are you’ll eventually start to make decisions that are not in your best interest simply to avoid the inevitable conflict that would result from being honest. The problem with this behavior is that eventually you will resent the decision you made strictly to avoid internal conflict. That means that you will not be able to prolong the relationship any longer. Life is short, and therefore honesty and integrity should be at the forefront of any decision you make.

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Fear is the absence of fame and your own the ability to make positive progress. If you continue to live in fear, you are guaranteeing yourself for positive change will not occur. You deserve to be happy. Your happiness will go hand in hand with being honest with people who mean the most to you in your life. If they do not accept the honesty that you present to them, the truth is you have outgrown your relationship with them. Facing the truth allows you to better use your limited time on earth to the best of your ability. Not doing so is an insult to anyone who has invested in you in the past.

Freedom from misconception can allow you to gain a new perspective which can make you powerful. Once you are powerfully to move the other people to achieve your own goals. When you were able to achieve your own goals of your life will have more meaning. When you feel that you are back in control of your life you thiyou better able to set realistic goals for your future. All of these things can be achieved through being honest with people in your life. When you are honest you allow them to maintain real assessment of their ability to be supportive of you.

Cougar Life Dating (Robert S. Main)

Jun 16, 2014

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More and more women in their thirties, forties and even fifties are neglecting the age difference and looking for a date younger than themselves – they are called cougars and are not shy about asserting themselves and going after younger men.

Don’t concern yourself guys it is simpler than you think, all you need is a small amount of

It is a lot easier than you imagine – ever heard ofZbeen told about this little thing called dating online? You don’t have to be social butterfly who is impeccably dressed and knows perfectly how to pickup women – you can do it all on the internet. There are specialized web sites where hot cougar mums are looking for younger men (often called “cubs”). What you need to do is find the appropriate site, signup and make yourself known to the community. Older women have a great deal to offer, and you can i bet you can imagine the level of experience they can bring to the bedroom. Dating a more mature woman is a must for all younger men as they will show you a couple of lessons that you will not hear in school.

Naturally you can likewise do it the old fashioned way. Cougar Mothers are predatory naturally, and they will visit places where young men go. Try football clubs, dance bars and the like. Be prepared for some competition.

5b If you feel that going to pubs means spending a great deal of time and is just not efficient enough, you’re correct. On a specialized cougar dating web site you will discover profiles of many cougar moms in your town and the profiles are there non stop, whereas going to bar means you have to locate the woman at the same time she is in the bar. Plus on site you can search by age, figure and see a short description of the woman before you leave on a date. So take a look at the internet site and join a hot cougar mom tonight!

Atypical brain connectivity associated with autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in adolescents appears to be associated with atypical connectivity in the brain involving the systems that help people infer what others are thinking and understand the meaning of others’ actions and emotions.

The ability to navigate and thrive in complex social systems is commonly impaired in ASD, a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting as many as 1 in 88 children.

The authors used functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate connectivity in two brain networks involved in social processing: theory of mind (ToM, otherwise known as the mentalizing system, which allows an individual to infer what others are thinking, their beliefs, their intentions) and the mirror neuron system (MNS, which allows people to understand the meanings and actions of others by simulating and replicating them). The study included 25 adolescents with ASD (between the ages of 11 and 18) and 25 typically developing adolescents.

Compared to typically developing adolescents, those with ASD showed both over- and under-connectivity in the ToM network, which was associated with greater social impairment. The adolescents with ASD also had increased connectivity between the regions of the MNS and ToM, suggesting that ToM-MNS “cross talk” might be associated with social impairment.

“This excess ToM-MNS connectivity may reflect immature or aberrant developmental processes in two brain networks involved in understanding of others, a domain impairment in ASD. Further, robust links with sociocommunicative symptoms of ASD implicate atypically increased ToM-MNS connectivity in social deficits observed in ASD.”

Active And Unique Hen Night Ideas

The bar has been raised for every maid-of-honour to come up with a truly unique hen night experience for the bride-to-be. The days of relying on nightclubs, inflated condoms and penis necklaces are long gone and brides are looking for a more memorable event. So, if sweaty strippers simply are not the bride’s thing, and she just does not have the patience for a day of manicures and pedicures, it just might be time to get active.

Options, Options, Options

The key to a unique hen night is to ‘know thy bride’. What are her hobbies, interests, and ideas for great social activities? Based on this knowledge it should be easy to organise a hen party that will suit her perfectly. However, if you really do not want to give up that ‘last fling before the ring’ atmosphere, there is plenty of naughtiness to partake in that does not involve stereotypical trashiness.

Learn A New Life Skill

Want to combine learning, exercise and fun? Then pole-dancing classes are the way to go. No other activity proves as erotic or hilarious, not to mention challenging, than learning the techniques and moves of pole-dancing. Be sure to advise your guests to dress appropriately for this unique hen night though, which could include anything from shorts and a t-shirt to high heels and a bustier! It has also to be said that pole-dancing becomes easier the more liquid refreshment the participants enjoy so don’t forget to cater!

Thrill Seekers

If learning to work a pole doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping enough then consider taking to the outdoors for the excitement of zip lining. This controlled, safe, but extremely exhilarating activity will certainly suit the bride if she is a thrill seeker but will also accommodate the less daring guests invited to the party. Given that most zip lining facilities are based away from cities and usually in areas of natural beauty it is best to make a day of it. Pack up a gourmet picnic complete with champagne for after the ride, and enjoy a refreshing day in the great outdoors together.

There are a multitude of outdoor activities that can be coordinated into the ultimate unique hen night even they are actually carried out during the daytime. Trail riding, rock climbing or even bungee jumping together will definitely make for a memorable hen party. Again, it all comes down to the bride’s personality. If she loves the outdoors or a particular sport then indulge her in it. After all, this party is all about her.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Every single woman would want to meet the man she would walk down the aisle and spend her life with. Some may have succeeded in finding her ‘destiny’. Unfortunately, most women find it difficult to keep a man they think is right for them.

In worst cases, a woman could be dating a man for a couple of years only to end breaking up with him or being dumped. There are also instances where married couples separate for various reasons. Continue reading this article and find out simple tips to help you keep the love burning between you and your man by maintaining a healthy relationship

- Express your feelings.

Women are very fond of showing through her actions that she is upset or sad over something, instead of saying it aloud. They normally keep quiet, frown, or even have tantrums to gain attention. And when asked what is wrong, they usually don’t give a clear answer to say what is going on.

You need to understand that men are not mind readers. Men generally want it to be direct to the point. So if you are pissed off or upset, tell your partner straight up that you are. Remember, the male species are more logical than they are emotional, which is what females are naturally. Males usually do not or are unable to read between the lines.

- Men want surprises.

Keeping a relationship works both ways. Women want to be surprised every once in a while, that is typical. The same thing goes for our male counterparts. They, as well, want to be swept off their feet sometimes. They want to feel loved, taken care of, and appreciated.

- Be confident in yourself.

Guys are attracted to girls with self-confidence. Insecurities usually make you clingy and needy; which eventually pushes your boyfriend or husband away from you. Always remember the fact that your partner is with you, despite how many girls are showing interest in him, is something that you should be very proud of. You should take it as a sign that he really is into you and your relationship.

Aside from that, you should also feel confident in your physical appearance and individual skills. Instead of feeling sorry for your imperfections, find ways to improve on them or embrace them.

- Do not control him.

Apart from spending quality time as a couple, it is also important to give him time for himself. Let him have fun with his guy friends without your presence. This not only makes him feel that you truly trust him but it also helps him grow as an individual.

Spending time away from each other allows you to grow as your own persons and prevents you from getting tired of the relationship and one another.

About the Author

Is Living Together a Bad Idea?

Is living together a bad idea? Expectation is everything when making this decision.

If you choose to live together in hopes that your partner will soon come to love you enough to marry you; it’s a bad idea. It suggests that you are not confident in the relationship and that you are willing to swallow your pride and put forth even more effort into making someone accept your value and love you enough.

You can’t succeed in this one. If you are feeling that way you may be way ahead of the game if you check out of that relationship and look for a partner who accepts you as you are and loves you because of it. You can’t make anyone love you. What you can do is learn to love yourself enough to never settle for any relationship that does not totally fulfill you as an individual.

If you are considering this option because you believe you are really in love with someone, feel confident in the relationship and are now ready to explore the next step of actually living in the same space to see if you are compatible; it’s probably a good idea.

In this instance, the difference is that marriage is the bond of commitment that ensures you will both be in it for the long haul; that you will have a shared dedication to promoting the happiness of one another and finding solutions to conflicts. It is far easier to leave a relationship when you are simply living together.

Others are commitment shy and may never move past the live in arrangement to something more solid. It is simply all they are willing to give. If you know and accept that this is who your partner is and how they will probably always feel; it is probably a good idea for you.

Yet another sector of people choose this option for financial reasons; for tax benefits, social security benefits and a multitude of other financial benefits that may be gained by remaining single legally. So long as there is a clear understanding of the expectations of both partners, this is a good idea for you.

As long as there is no deception, no delusions and you have clear communications about your reasons for living together and of your future together that is acceptable to both partners, living together can be a good idea.

What you understand about and expect from one another is the determining factor as to whether this is a good or bad idea.

If you don’t have a good clear understanding of the reasons and an honest communication about the future, save yourself the grief of the expensive and emotional upheaval of moving… again.